Case Results

Gross Recovery Amount
Brief Case Summary

$ 10,850,000
Plaintiff run off road by rental car driver, resulting in partial paralysis

$ 9,000,000
Jury verdict - automobile accident bad faith settlement of paraplegic on $100,000 policy limits

$ 8,800,000
Wrongful death and personal injury automobile crash

$ 5,600,000
Automobile/Motorcycle police officer collision resulting in brain damage to officer

$ 3,800,000
Hospital negligence resulting in brain injury

$ 3,750,000
Tour bus backed over plaintiff causing substantial injuries

$ 3,500,000
Head-on collision between car and overloaded tile truck, resulting in death of car driver

$ 3,500,000
Medical malpractice resulting in substantial heart attack and loss of function in patient

$ 2,700,000
Medical malpractice wrongful death resulting from failure to diagnose and treat DVT and pulmonary embolism

$ 2,000,000
Medical malpractice - failure to diagnose cancer resulting in substantial shortening of life expectancy

$ 1,600,000
Failure to diagnose synovial sarcoma cancerous tumor in 14-year-old resulting in personal injury settlement and subsequent with death settlement as well

$ 1,480,000
Massive personal injuries from automobile collision

$ 1,450,000
Failure to diagnose ruptured uterus during birth/delivery resulting in death

$ 1,150,000
Boating accident causing permanent injuries

$ 1,100,000
Wrongful death from failure to diagnose aortic aneurism

$ 1,000,000
Failure to diagnose ruptured uterus during birth/delivery resulting in complete hysterectomy in 22-year-old

$ 1,000,000
Physician failed to diagnose breast cancer resulting in mastectomy

$ 1,000,000
Wrongful death auto accident

$ 1,000,000
Wrongful death slip and fall causing fatal brain injury

$ 1,000,000
Misdiagnosis of cancerous lung tumor

$ 1,000,000
Brain damage and death from anesthesia malpractice

$ 1,000,000
Misdiagnosis of aortic aneurism by radiologist - wrongful death

$ 950,000
Boating accident resulting in spinal injury

$ 875,000
Personal injury by medical malpractice - failure to diagnose synovial sarcoma

$ 850,000
Wrongful death of newborn due to medical malpractice

$ 825,000
Wrongful death caused by intoxicated employee driving company vehicle

$ 675,000
C4-5 and C5-6 anterior cervical discectomy and fusion for a client injured in and automobile accident

$ 660,000
Automobile accident resulting in partial paralysis

$ 600,000
Motor vehicle accident resulting in spinal injuries and surgery

$ 500,000
Slip and fall accident at a condominium association causing permanent injuries which required multiple surgeries