Abdominal Injuries

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Internal injuries can be some of the hardest to recognize or diagnose after an accident. Since these injuries may have delayed symptoms, they are not readily apparent to paramedics at the scene or to victims themselves. Abdominal injuries may include internal bruising, tears, or bleeding that may be life-threatening if it is left untreated. Seeking prompt medical attention after an accident is important in making sure your injuries are assessed and treated. If an abdominal injury is caused by someone else’s negligence, the Miami catastrophic injurys at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon can help make sure that your legal rights are protected while you focus on recovery. Our firm has experience with all kinds of accident cases that may involve injuries to the abdomen or other internal injuries. We represent people throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

Types of Accidents Leading to Abdominal Injuries

Often, internal organ injuries result from a penetrating wound or blunt force trauma. These are typical in car or truck accidents. Another common source of injuries to the abdomen is a bicycle accident. Due to the height of a bicycle’s handlebars, they are easily pushed into a rider’s abdomen upon impact. Abdominal injuries may affect a variety of organs, including the liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines, bladder, pancreas, and stomach. Common signs of an abdominal injury include pain, bruising or tenderness, rigidness, nausea and vomiting, or fever.

Because of the many significant body parts located in the abdomen, these types of injuries may require a lifetime of adjustment, depending on their severity. Consulting a medical professional as soon as symptoms are apparent is important in containing the long-term effects.

Pursuing Legal Recourse Against Negligent Parties

When faced with medical expenses and time off work to recover from abdominal injuries caused by someone else’s negligence, financial compensation is important to make sure that your family and you are protected. Victims typically can recover damages from liable parties by pursuing a personal injury claim based on negligence. This is established when a plaintiff proves that a defendant or defendants breached an owed duty of care, which caused the victim’s abdominal injuries and resulted in damages. For example, a bicyclist struck by a speeding motorist who failed to share the road may have a valid claim based on negligent behavior.

Multiple parties also may be responsible for a victim’s abdominal injuries. For example, if a commercial driver is speeding to make a delivery within a certain timeframe, the driver’s employer may be held vicariously liable for an accident that results. Once negligence is shown, the damages available to a victim may include past and future medical costs, loss of earning capacity, lost income, and pain and suffering, among other examples.

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If you have sustained an injury to your abdomen or any other internal organs, the Miami catastrophic injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon can assist you in bringing a legal claim against any person or entity that was responsible. We understand that physical recovery must be your first priority, but we are dedicated to making sure that your legal rights remain intact. We also represent victims in Miami, West Palm Beach, and other South Florida cities. Call 877.499.4878 or contact us online to set up a free, no-obligation consultation with a car accident attorney or seek guidance in any other type of personal injury claim.