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Losing a limb is a devastating event, forever changing how you live your day-to-day life. In the United States, almost two million people have lost a limb, 45 percent of whom had to undergo an amputation due to a physical injury. Loss of a limb can occur due to a car or motorcycle accident caused by another driver’s carelessness, as well as other types of incidents. The injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon help victims in the Miami area who have had to undergo amputations pursue the compensation they deserve from those at fault. Our attorneys, serving clients in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, offer skilled guidance throughout the legal process.

Causes of Losing a Limb

A loss of a part of your body is not only a physically devastating experience, but it can be mentally and emotionally challenging as well. After an amputation, individuals may face extreme physical pain as well as depression, and they may find it hard to adjust or return to work for a long time. Depending on the type of job a victim held before an accident, the loss of a limb could make it impossible to do the same work again. Adjusting to a new lifestyle may require extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation, as well as mental health treatment. Often, the recovery process can be an expensive and long journey.

Many kinds of accidents can leave a victim disfigured or result in amputation. Motorcycle or auto accidents are common incidents leading to the loss of a limb. Truck collisions or even a defective product malfunctioning can cause injuries resulting in an amputation. If you had to have a limb amputated following an accident, you may be able to recover damages from the parties responsible by filing a personal injury suit.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable for Your Harm

A person who has suffered the loss of a limb in an accident typically must establish that a defendant has acted negligently. To show negligence, the victim must prove that:

  • He or she was owed a duty of care;
  • That duty of care was breached by the defendant;
  • The breach was a proximate cause of the victim’s injuries; and
  • Damages resulted that are compensable.

For instance, in Florida all drivers owe other motorists or users of the roadways a duty of care to act as a reasonable person would under similar circumstances. Therefore, a driver who is driving at an excessive speed and runs a red light, causing a serious accident where a victim loses a leg or arm, may be found liable.

Once a plaintiff shows negligence, he or she may be compensated for past and future medical bills, property damage, and loss of income or earning capacity, as well as pain and suffering, scarring or disfigurement, and other damages specific to the accident.

In instances of catastrophic injuries, defined under Florida law as permanent impairments, which includes amputation of a limb, many factors are considered when determining proper damages to award the victim. Medical evaluations, as well as a victim’s ability to work, accommodations that may be required for jobs, and the type of physical therapy that is needed, are all taken into account. Life care planning, which involves careful examination and analysis of a victim’s medical, rehabilitative, psychological, social, and educational information as well as his or her goals and desires, is also important in ensuring that he or she enjoy the best possible quality of life in the future.

Discuss Your Injury Claim with a Miami Lawyer

The accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon assist residents of Miami and other Florida cities who have undergone an amputation of a limb. We can assert their legal rights while they focus on recovering and adjusting to a new way of life. If you have lost a limb due to another’s negligence, we can investigate the details of your situation and discuss your options with you. Call 877.499.4878 or Contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation.