Bridge and Overpass Accidents

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With many waterways, intersecting roads, and highways throughout the region, bridges and overpasses are a necessary part of South Florida’s infrastructure. Bridges allow people to travel from Miami to the Keys, as well as pass over acres of swampland. Overpasses also allow access in many different directions in what would otherwise be too congested an area. But if they are not built or marked properly, these bridges and overpasses may collapse or otherwise cause an accident leading to severe injuries. The Miami car accidents at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon help South Florida residents who have been hurt in a bridge or overpass accident pursue proper compensation from the responsible parties.

Common Causes of Bridge and Overpass Accidents

An accident occurring on a bridge or overpass may result from a multitude of factors. When a bridge collapses due to poor workmanship or improper maintenance, a municipality, a builder, or another liable party should be held accountable for its dangerous incompetence. Aside from driver error, which contributes to many collisions on all types of roads, bridge and overpass accidents also have distinctive contributing causes, including:

  • A poor design leading to a collapse or another hazard;
  • High winds and weather conditions that sway the structure or vehicles on it;
  • Unmarked or improperly marked ramps to exit or enter an overpass or bridge;
  • Inadequate lighting;
  • Defective or absent guardrails; or
  • Signals that malfunction.

Serious injuries to multiple victims are all too common in an overpass or bridge crash. A determination of the cause and who was responsible may require an extensive investigation by experts. Consulting a knowledgeable attorney who can help you from the beginning to find out more about your situation and protect your interests can make a vital difference in your voice being heard.

Pursuing Compensation for Your Injuries

People hurt in a bridge or overpass crash often can hold liable parties accountable through a personal injury claim. To succeed in these actions, a plaintiff must show that the defendant acted negligently. This is established when a plaintiff proves that the defendant breached his or her duty of reasonable care, and the breach was a proximate cause of the injuries that were sustained, resulting in damages. For example, a municipality that fails to fix broken bridge barriers or signals, leading to an accident, may be found to have acted negligently.

Once negligence is shown, the damages recoverable by an injured victim may include medical expenses, loss of income, diminished earning capacity, and pain and suffering. If the injuries sustained in a bridge or overpass accident prove fatal, certain family members may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit on the victim’s behalf to be compensated for any funeral or burial expenses and loss of consortium. Because of the amount of time it may take to prepare for a claim, taking prompt action is critical. In Florida, personal injury cases must be brought within four years of the date of the injury, and wrongful death claims must be filed within two years of the date of the death.

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