Cruise Ship Accidents

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Taking a cruise is supposed to be a relaxing, adventurous experience for you or your family. In Florida, many people choose cruises as a vacation option, and thousands of travelers each year embark on ships from ports in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, sometimes passengers can suffer serious injuries due to a company’s or individual’s negligent actions. The injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon offer experienced representation for people near Miami or elsewhere in the region who have suffered serious harm on a cruise ship. Serving residents of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, as well as other Florida areas, we can help you seek the compensation you deserve from those responsible. Whether you were involved in an accident on the boat, or during a daytime excursion, we can assist you in exploring your legal options.

Types and Causes of Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise ships can be quite large and may be a dangerous place for passengers, particularly children, if they are not managed or looked after properly. Hazards can exist in a variety of places and lead to many different types of accidents, including:

  • Slip and fall accidents: unresolved spills, either in a dining area or poolside, can result in passengers slipping and falling.
  • Swimming pool, hot tub, or water slide accidents: poorly maintained swimming areas may cause injuries to children or adults.
  • Collisions with boats or objects at sea or while docked: accidents involving other boats, or port hazards, could cause a back or neck injury, as well as fractured or broken bones.
  • Trip and fall accidents: uneven surfaces or stairwells can cause passengers to trip and fall both on the ship as well as when entering and exiting while docked.

In extreme instances, injuries sustained on a cruise ship could lead to a fatality. While some risks are inherent in traveling at sea, others are preventable, and those who fail to maintain a safe environment for passengers should be held liable for their actions.

Bringing a Negligence Claim for Compensation

Cruise ship accidents are distinctive in that many tickets include stipulations about arbitration requirements, setting their own statutes of limitations, as well as specifying the location for where you may file a lawsuit. In Florida, most cruise liners set a one-year statute of limitations within which passengers must bring their claims. They also tend to require that lawsuits be filed in federal court in Miami.

Under Florida law, cruise lines are responsible for passengers’ injuries, whether they are sustained on or off the ship. They must also ensure passengers’ safety when they are entering and exiting the ship. To seek compensation for injuries sustained while on a cruise, the plaintiff, or injured party, must show that the cruise liner was negligent. This means that the plaintiff must show that he or she was owed a duty of reasonable care, and that duty was breached, resulting in the victim’s injuries and damages.

Cruise owners and operators owe passengers a duty of reasonable care to provide a safe environment, free from foreseeable dangers. Therefore, if a passenger falls while exiting the boat due to a spill or uneven surface, the cruise liner may be held liable for any injuries or damages that occur. Reporting an injury sustained on a cruise ship or sponsored excursion is also important in order to maintain your legal rights. If you have been hurt while on a cruise, consult a knowledgeable attorney to make sure your legal claim is handled with due attention.

Legal Guidance for Accident Victims in Miami

Due to the complex and unusual circumstances regarding accidents occurring on cruises, injured passengers should make sure to contact an attorney to preserve any claims they may have. The accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon represent people from Miami and other cities who have been hurt on cruise ships. We are dedicated to pursuing proper compensation for their harm, while they focus on recovering. You can call 877.499.4878 or Contact us online to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.