Evidence in Boat Accident Cases

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Boat accidents that cause injuries vary in type. A passenger may slip and fall while onboard, or a boat could be involved in a crash with another vessel or a stationary object. The evidence in boat accident cases is also varied, but the more evidence that a victim can gather, the more likely it is that they will succeed in a legal claim against those responsible. Obtaining evidence, however, could be difficult, since boat operators, owners, staff, and other parties may all be involved and may be trying to protect their own interests. Miami boat accident lawyer Robert Dixon assists clients in collecting and analyzing key evidence to be used in support of their case.

Whether you have been injured by a negligent crew member who failed to keep the boat safe or by another boat operator who collided with your vessel, Mr. Dixon and the staff at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon can help you determine your legal options going forward. Our firm offers seasoned and compassionate legal representation to clients throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, aiding them in personal injury and wrongful death claims arising out of boating accidents.

Evidence in Boat Accident Cases

The kinds of evidence necessary to collect following a boating accident depend on the type of accident that occurred. Victims of boating accidents may be injured in onboard slip and fall accidents, or if their boat collides with another boat, the dock, or a stationary object. A passenger can also fall overboard, which may result in injuries or a fatality. Any of these situations could result from negligent acts. To show negligence, a victim must establish that the defendant breached a duty of reasonable care, causing that victim’s injuries and resulting in damages.

To prove these elements, evidence to support them must be presented. Photographs of the scene of an accident are an important part of the evidence in boat accident cases. If injuries resulted from a fall, pictures of where a spill or tripping hazard was located can establish that a dangerous condition was present. Photographs of the boats or structures involved in an accident are also useful to reconstruct how the incident may have occurred and determine fault. After a boat accident, it is also important to contact the proper authorities, who can document what happened at the time, and these reports can be used to support a victim’s account. Eyewitness testimony can also be helpful in establishing the proper timeline. An examination of the boat itself, as well as the boat operator or owner’s records, is essential.

For the purposes of assessing a victim’s injuries, as well as the damages that he or she has sustained, detailed medical records of hospital and doctor visits, surgeries, physical therapy, or other rehabilitative treatments should be kept. This evidence can help a boat accident victim receive compensation for past and future medical costs, lost income, any changes to his or her earning capacity, and pain and suffering. If you have been involved in an accident while on a boat, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible so that all the proper evidence is preserved, and your legal rights remain intact.

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Injuries such as brain trauma, paralysis, and even death can arise out of a boat accident. Victims of these serious accidents deserve to have financial support from those responsible for their harm. Boat accident attorney Robert Dixon represents victims and their families throughout all the stages of the legal process, including the initial investigation, settlement negotiations, and the resolution of any necessary litigation. If you have questions regarding your legal rights following a serious boat accident, call 877.499.4878 or contact the Law Offices of Robert Dixon online to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and speak with an attorney today. We represent victims in Miami, West Palm Beach, and other South Florida cities.