Evidence in Pedestrian Accident Cases

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When a pedestrian is involved in an accident with a vehicle, they are often left with severe injuries that require long recovery times, as well as the expenses that arise from that. These costs can rapidly exceed any available insurance benefits a victim receives. As such, legal action may be necessary so that the parties responsible for that harm bear the financial responsibility as well. To succeed in any type of legal action, credible and substantiating evidence must be collected and presented. Miami pedestrian accident lawyer Robert Dixon assists victims with gathering such evidence, as well as utilizing it in any legal proceedings that follow. If you’ve been injured, or a loved one has been the victim of a fatal collision, the our firm can help you determine what your next step may be. We can help you evaluate your legal options, and assist you in pursuing the necessary evidence in your pedestrian accident case. Our firm offers experienced and compassionate legal representation for clients in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties, as well as elsewhere in the South Florida area. Please contact our office to find out more about your options and the legal process by scheduling a free consultation.

Evidence in Pedestrian Accident Cases

Pedestrians are at risk of being involved in an accident most often during nighttime and dusk hours, when drivers’ visibility is diminished, and driver fatigue and failure to pay attention may also set in. Nonetheless, pedestrian accidents can happen in a variety of places and involve various situations, and include those occurring on sidewalks, in crosswalks, at intersections, and many times, in parking lots. Evidence necessary to show another’s liability for a pedestrian’s injuries can also vary.

Personal injury and wrongful death claims arising out of a pedestrian accident are based on the legal theory of negligence. In this kind of claim, the plaintiff must show that the defendant has breached a duty to the pedestrian, causing his or her injuries or death, and resulting in damages. Evidence is used by the plaintiff to establish each of these elements. Many of these cases focus on photographs depicting the scene of an accident, which are used to re-create what happened. Video surveillance, such as the kind that is taken in a parking lot or at an intersection, can also be utilized for this purpose. However, if an accident occurs when it’s dark, these depictions might be harder to decipher. Police reports are also useful in getting the initial account of what witnesses saw, as well as other information gathered in the immediate aftermath. If possible, at the scene, the names and numbers of witnesses should be documented, as their testimony could be helpful in showing the timeline of an accident. However, victims’ first priority should be to receive medical treatment for their injuries so that further harm is prevented.

Evidence Establishing Damages

Certain evidence is also used to show what the victim’s injuries resulting from the accident were, as well as to assess the damages that resulted. This evidence includes medical records regarding hospitalization and doctors’ office visits, as well as rehabilitative efforts that have been taken. Medical experts as well as accident reconstruction specialists are often brought in to testify regarding what the anticipated needs of a victim will be as a result of their injuries in order to assess those damages. If you’ve been injured or lost a family member in a pedestrian accident, consulting a knowledgeable attorney as soon as reasonably possible can help you ensure that vital evidence is collected to assist you with your legal claims.

Miami Lawyers for Pedestrian Accident Victims

Pedestrians who survive being struck by a vehicle are often left with significant injuries that can include broken bones, spinal cord damage, and traumatic brain injury. Seeking to hold the responsible parties legally accountable is attorney Robert Dixon’s main priority, and gathering the necessary evidence is critical in pursuing a pedestrian accident case. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, please call the Law Offices of Robert Dixon at (877) 499-4878 or contact us online to schedule a free, no obligation consultation today. We represent clients in communities including Miami, and West Palm Beach.