Hip Injuries in Car Accidents

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Car accidents can lead to serious, and life-impacting, hip injuries. Our hips are the largest weight-bearing joint in our bodies. As such, we rely on our hips for almost every physical activity. Hip injuries in car accidents are not only painful, but can also require extensive physical therapy or surgery. Treatments for hip injuries can be expensive. When these injuries are caused by negligence, those responsible should be held legally, and financially, liable. The Miami car accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon are dedicated to making victims get the support they need in their recovery. Mr. Dixon and his team are committed to offering specialized representation that fits each client’s legal needs. We understand that legal action might be among the last of a victim’s concerns, however making sure your rights are protected is our top priority. We represent clients throughout South Florida, including the cities of Miami, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. If you have questions regarding your legal options following injuries sustained in a car crash, please contact our office today to speak with an attorney about your potential case.

Hip Injuries in Car Accidents

Regardless of a victim’s age, hip fractures and other hip injuries are common in car accidents. However, the elderly may have more of a likelihood of sustaining this type of injury. Often hip pain is the first indicator of an injury to the area. Some common hip injuries that can occur as a result of a motor vehicle collision are:

  • Fractures. Hip sockets as well as other parts of the hip can experience this kind of break. If not diagnosed and treated properly, fractures can lead to long-term health issues and pain. Surgery or a hip replacement may also be necessary depending on the type of fracture.
  • Bursitis. This refers to inflammation of a victim’s hip, which occurs if a bursae is inflamed and irritated as a result of a crash.
  • Dislocation. When dislocated, the pain in a victim’s hip can be extreme. However, treatment for a dislocation could be as simple as rest and time.

If you are experiencing hip pain in the aftermath of a car accident, it is important to seek immediate medical attention and treatment. Other symptoms of a serious hip injury include difficulty walking or moving, pain that is sensitive to touch, as well as a difficulty or inability to bear weight on your leg.

Personal Injury Claims Based on Negligence

More often than not, a victim’s injury in a car accident is due to another motorist’s negligence. Negligence occurs when one party has breached an owed duty of reasonable care to another. For example, if a driver runs a red light and strikes another vehicle on the side, that would be considered a breach, as a reasonable and prudent driver would not run a red light. It must also be shown that the injury alleged was caused by the breach of reasonable care. As in, a hip fracture that preexisted before the collision lacks the causation element. However, if an accident exacerbates a prior injury, victims can still receive damages for the new harm done to them.

Damages that might be available to a victim injured by negligence include past and future medical costs, such as surgical expenses, physical or occupational therapy, and doctors’ visits. Victims can also recover compensation for time missed from work due to their injury, as well as any economic changes that result from an inability to do their jobs as they were able to previously.

Find Support by Contacting a Lawyer in Miami

Hip injuries in car accidents require lengthy healing times. That means victims must take time off of work to rest and are sometimes not even able to walk. When a hip injury arising out of a car accident was caused by a negligent driver, victims have the right to pursue legal action. By contacting our office, you can make sure your legal rights are properly represented and advocated for. Our team at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon are ready to make sure you receive the compensation you are entitled to in order to deal with your injuries. Please contact office today at (877) 499-4878 or online to schedule a free, no obligation consultation to speak with an attorney.