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A cut or laceration is often not viewed as a severe injury. However, depending on placement, size, and depth, lacerations may be extremely serious. The Miami injurys at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon can assist South Florida victims who have suffered lacerations in a motor vehicle collision or another type of accident in pursuing proper compensation from those who were responsible.

Types and Causes of Lacerations

Lacerations are deep cuts, tears, or gashes that affect the skin. These injuries come in all shapes, sizes, and depths. Depending on their location, lacerations or cuts may also cause changes, usually temporarily, to a person’s ability to work or otherwise participate in day-to-day activities. For instance, a deep laceration sustained on a hand or foot may impair a victim’s ability to walk, run, type, or hold objects. These injuries may also lead to permanent disfigurement in the form of scars or significant nerve damage. Most often, lacerations are painful and require stitches to ensure proper healing.

Broken glass, debris, and other materials involved in a car accident may cause deep cuts. A grinding compression may also result from this type of accident, which occurs when skin brushes against an object, such as a tire, and causes it to peel away and affect the tissue below. A trip and fall, as well as an array of other incidents caused by negligence, may lead to laceration injuries.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable for Damages

After sustaining injuries in an accident, legal action may be far from a victim’s mind. However, after you receive proper medical treatment, advancing your legal rights is another way to help ease the pain and the financial burden on you. Most injuries sustained in a car accident or any other type of collision or incident are a result of another party’s negligence. To establish liability in a personal injury claim, a victim usually tries to show that the defendant was negligent, or breached a specific duty of care. A plaintiff must also show that their injury was caused by the breach and resulted in damages. For example, if a distracted driver strikes another vehicle in traffic, causing lacerations or other injuries, he or she likely may be held liable for the damages that occur.

Once a defendant is found liable, a victim may receive compensation for past and future medical costs associated with their injury, as well as any damages for loss of income or earning capacity. In Florida, even if a victim was also negligent in causing his or her own injuries, partial compensation may still be available. Florida follows a pure comparative fault scheme in awarding damages to plaintiffs, meaning that the amount is offset by the proportion of each party’s degree of fault. For instance, a victim who is found 40 percent at fault may still recover 60 percent of the damages caused by another responsible party.

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