Settlement Negotiations in Motorcycle Accident Cases

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When a victim is injured in a motorcycle accident, there could be months, or even years, of recovery ahead. During that time, legal matters may also be ongoing in order for the victim to receive proper compensation from those liable for their harm. These legal matters may involve settlement negotiations. A settlement may be ideal for both parties involved in a case, since it helps reduce the costs that come from litigation, as well as resolving issues sooner. However, settlement negotiations in motorcycle accident cases can be complicated, since insurance companies want to pay out the bare minimum and may argue about a motorcyclist’s culpability, even if there is none. Miami motorcycle accident lawyer Robert Dixon has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies in settlement negotiations while serving the best interests of his clients.

At the Law Offices of Robert Dixon, we work tirelessly to make sure that victims receive the compensation that they need to cope with the costs of their recovery. We represent clients throughout South Florida, including in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties. Our firm handles all the stages of a case, from the initial investigation to settlement negotiations and any litigation that may become necessary. If you have questions about your legal options in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our services.

Settlement Negotiations in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Unfortunately, with motorcycle accidents, there is often a preconceived assumption that the motorcyclist was at fault for causing the collision. Although motorcycle riders can act negligently, just as any other driver can, this prejudice is usually not warranted. Often, the driver of another vehicle has acted carelessly in either failing to be aware of a motorcycle’s presence or otherwise disregarding a rider’s equal right to use the road. If possible, it is important for a motorcyclist to have photos of the area where an accident took place, as well as any injuries and damage to their property, which will aid their attorney in establishing their position during the subsequent settlement negotiations.

During settlement negotiations in motorcycle accident cases, a variety of factors are considered when determining what fair compensation should be. These factors include:

  • How severe a victim’s injuries are, and which medical procedures he or she has undergone or is expected to need.
  • Whether there is a clearly at-fault party, or how much fault each party bears in causing the collision.
  • The victim’s medical expenses, including both past expenses and an estimation of what he or she will need in the future.
  • Whether the injuries are permanent and will cause a disability or a change to the way in which the victim will be able to work.

In all negotiations, it is important to have as much evidence as possible to support your claim. Medical documentation and doctors’ opinions and diagnoses are vital for assessing the severity of the injuries and the ongoing care that will be necessary. Experts who can explain how an accident occurred may also be vital in showing fault for a motorcycle accident. The overwhelming majority of personal injury cases reach a settlement rather than going to trial, so it is important that these settlements are fair and that victims have the finances that they need to recover properly.

Consult an Experienced Miami Attorney Following a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents lead to some of the most severe injuries for the victims involved. Settlements are vital to ensuring that these injuries can be addressed. Motorcycle accident lawyer Robert Dixon is dedicated to making sure that victims’ rights are zealously advanced during negotiations so that they have the support that they need to heal. If you have been injured, or if a loved one has passed away, due to a devastating motorcycle accident, contact the Law Offices of Robert Dixon today at 877.499.4878 or online and set up a free, no-obligation consultation to find out more about your legal options. We represent people in Miami, West Palm Beach, and surrounding areas.