T-Bone Truck Accidents

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T-bone truck accidents, which are also referred sometimes as side-impact or broadside accidents, result when the truck hits the side of another vehicle, or vice versa. Any type of T-bone accident is dangerous to passengers and drivers, but even more so when a truck is involved. Many of these types of collisions are due to a truck driver’s lack of proper training or those who are too fatigued and therefore fail to adhere to the rules of the road, especially when it comes to another vehicle’s right of way at an intersection. Miami truck accident attorney Robert Dixon and his associates at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon work tirelessly to make sure victims of these devastating crashes pursue the compensation they need for their injuries. Parties responsible for a victim’s harm in these types of accidents can include a negligent driver, as well as a trucking company tasked with hiring and making sure those drivers are adequately trained. Our firm assists victims and families in pursuing personal injury or wrongful death claims against those who have negligently caused them harm. We help clients throughout South Florida, in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. If you have questions regarding your legal rights following a T-bone truck accident, please contact our office today to speak with an attorney and schedule a free consultation.

Causes of T-Bone Truck Collisions

Many factors can contribute to a T-bone collision involving a truck. Most commonly these crashes are due to a truck driver’s failure to yield the right of way to another motorist, or even bicyclist or pedestrian. T-bone accidents are also more frequent at intersections, when a truck driver does not stop for a red light or stop sign, or fails to slow down appropriately at an uncontrolled intersection. Fatigue, distraction, and speeding are also common factors leading to these dangerous types of accidents. T-Bone collisions are also more likely to result in catastrophic injuries as compared to other kinds of accidents, since the side panels of vehicles offer less protection to both drivers and passengers. T-bone truck accidents can leave victims with broken bones, head and brain injuries, internal injuries, as well as paralysis. In some cases, these accidents may be fatal to those involved. Victims, or families who have lost loved ones, must often seek legal action to aid in the cost of recovering from such life-altering injuries.

Who’s Liable in a T-Bone Truck Accident?

Many T-bone truck accidents are the result of a truck driver’s negligent actions behind the wheel, whereby he or she has acted unreasonably given the circumstances. As noted, these actions may include failing to yield the right of way such as making a left turn at an intersection without enough time, or running a yellow light while in a hurry. In these types of accidents, other parties may also be liable in contributing to a victim’s injuries. Trucking companies are not only liable for actions of driver-employees who are negligent while performing duties at behest of an employer, but also have certain responsibilities of their own. For example, a truck company must conduct background checks and know about individual driving histories before hiring drivers. These companies are also tasked with providing adequate training and supervision to their drivers to make sure they can properly handle these massive vehicles. Failure to adhere to industry standards in these areas can lead to direct liability on the part of a trucking company. In addition, if a malfunctioning vehicle or part is a factor in a collision, the manufacturer of the defective part may also be a defendant in a legal claim. These cases require detailed investigation into what happened that can involve accident reconstruction, multiple expert witnesses, and other nuanced evidence. Because of the complicated nature of these situations, it is important to contact a seasoned attorney as soon as possible who can help make sure your rights are protected. In Florida, victims of truck accidents have four years from the date of their injury within which to file a personal injury claim. Families who have lost loved ones have even less time, with the law allowing only two years from a victim’s death during which to file a wrongful death suit.

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T-bone truck accidents may leave a severely injured victim feeling overwhelmed, especially when dealing with not only healing from your injury but the costs associated with it. Injury attorney Robert Dixon helps clients feel at ease with the legal process, making sure they understand their rights and options through all stages. Mr. Dixon and his staff at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon offer dedicated and seasoned legal representation for victims of all types of truck and motor vehicle accidents. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident, please call 877.499.4878 or contact us online today to discuss your case in a free, no obligation consultation. We serve clients in communities including Miami, and West Palm Beach.

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