U-Turn Accidents

Motorcycle Crash Attorneys Assisting Victims in Miami and Beyond

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most devastating and deadly crashes in which someone can be involved. Riding a motorcycle should not mean that you helplessly accept the consequences of a driver’s careless actions. U-turns, whether made by a motorcycle or another vehicle, present elevated dangers to riders, and U-turn crashes are some of the most severe. The Miami motorcycle accidents at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon help people who have been injured in a U-turn accident seek proper compensation from those who were responsible. Our firm represents victims throughout South Florida, including in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

Factors Involved in U-Turn Accidents

An array of situations may give rise to a motorcycle collision involving a U-turn. For example, careless drivers may fail to observe an approaching motorcycle while engaging in a U-turn, which can cause them to strike the side of the motorcycle. In fact, studies have shown that almost 70 percent of motorcycle crashes result from other motorists failing to see a motorcyclist. Additionally, poorly marked signs or inadequately designed U-turns that are not suitable for motorcycles may lead to serious motorcycle accidents. Under Florida law, vehicles engaging in a U-turn must yield to any approaching vehicle, in all directions. Some emergency situations create limited exceptions to this rule, but absent such an emergency, motorists making U-turns must yield to all oncoming motorcycles, cars, or trucks.

Establishing the Liability of a Negligent Driver

When a U-turn accident is caused by a driver’s negligence, motorcycle riders may find recourse by filing a personal injury claim. To prove negligence, a victim must show that he or she was owed a duty of reasonable care. Motorists owe all other road users a duty to act as a prudent driver would act under the same or similar circumstances. Injured parties must also show that this duty was breached, that the breach caused the injuries at issue, and that they were forced to incur damages. A driver executing a U-turn who does not yield to an oncoming motorcyclist, as required by law, would likely be found negligent.

If a U-turn accident leads to the death of a driver or passenger, the victim’s surviving relatives may take action on his or her behalf by initiating a wrongful death lawsuit. Timing is important for a personal injury or wrongful death claim. The statute of limitations for personal injury cases is four years, and it is two years for wrongful death cases. Once liability is established, plaintiffs may recover compensation for many forms of economic and non-economic damages, ranging from pain and suffering to medical costs, hospital bills, and lost income and earning capacity. The family members of a victim in a fatal accident may be able to recover funeral and burial expenses in addition to their loss of companionship, consortium, and support.

Discuss Your Motorcycle Accident Case with a Miami Lawyer

If you have suffered a severe injury or lost a loved one to a careless driver, the Miami motorcycle accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon can help you determine your legal next steps as you focus on the recovery process. Injuries sustained in a U-turn accident may lead to long-term rehabilitation and sometimes even permanent impairment, so making sure that you get financial support from those responsible for your injuries can make a difference. Call 877.499.4878 or contact us online to set up a free, no-obligation consultation with a motor vehicle collision attorney. We represent injured people in many South Florida cities, including Miami, and West Palm Beach.