Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Defective Parts

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Motorcycle accidents are among the most severe vehicle collisions, and are often fatal for the riders who are involved. Although many of these accidents are caused by negligent drivers, sometimes it is a defective motorcycle part, or the vehicle itself, that leads to injuries or a fatality. Manufacturers, as well as others in the chain of commerce, who have allowed unreasonably dangerous products to enter the marketplace should be held accountable for the harm that follows. Miami motorcycle accident lawyer Robert Dixon is dedicated to making sure victims have the legal resources and support they need in order to pursue their product liability claims in the aftermath of a devastating collision. The Law Offices of Robert Dixon assists clients throughout South Florida, including in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Broward, Counties, offering experienced legal representation if they have been injured or lost a family member due to a defective product. If you have questions regarding your legal rights after a motorcycle accident that was caused by a defective part or vehicle, please contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Manufacturing and Design Defects

Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can range from bruises and broken bones to paralysis and brain trauma. When a defective motorcycle part plays a role in causing injuries or a fatality, victims may pursue a products liability suit in order to hold a manufacturer liable. In a motorcycle accident caused by defective parts, a product liability claim may arise from defects related to a part’s design or manufacturing. In order for a plaintiff to receive compensation, there are different legal standards of proof that they must meet depending on the type of defect at issue.

A manufacturing defect affects a specific part or vehicle, but does not show up in the entire line of the product. For instance, if there is a flaw in the manufacturing process at a certain plant or involving a specific machine, this can lead to a flaw in only the parts produced in that plant or by that machine. A plaintiff’s burden in these types of claims is to show that the defect was there at the time the products were distributed by the manufacturer, and that the accident and injuries were caused by that defect.

A design defect refers to an overall flaw in the safety of a product, affecting every unit because the way it was designed presents an inherent risk. Design defects can affect a motorcycle’s tires, brakes, or handlebars, as well as how the entire motorcycle itself is designed. Plaintiffs injured by a defective part in these cases must show that the defect was there when the product was released, that the design of that product created an unreasonable risk of harm, and that a safer design was available without excessive cost to the manufacturer.

Causation and Damages

Causation in product liability claims is often the hardest element to establish. For example, if there are actions taken by other parties indicating negligence, it could be argued that those negligent acts were the cause of injury, and not a defective part. As such, it is important to consult an experienced attorney who can gather the appropriate evidence to show the link between a defect and how a motorcycle accident occurred. Victims injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a defective part may be awarded compensation for medical costs, lost income, any changes in their ability to earn a living, and pain and suffering damages. Family members who have lost loved ones in a fatal motorcycle collision may also receive compensation for burial or funeral expenses and loss of support.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers for Miami Area Residents

Any defective product poses an unreasonable danger to a consumer, but when that defect is a part of a motorcycle, that danger and the risk of serious injury increase exponentially. Manufacturers should be held accountable for the harm caused by a defective part. Motorcycle accident attorney Robert Dixon and his staff at the Law Offices of Robert Dixon can help you determine your next legal step following a serious collision. If you have been injured or lost a loved one as a result of a motorcycle accident caused by defective parts, please call our office at (877) 499-4878 or contact us online to set up a free, no obligation consultation. We represent clients in areas including West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.