Trials in Motorcycle Accident Cases

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Motorcycle accidents are all too common in South Florida as other motorists often do not respect or pay sufficient attention to a motorcyclist’s right to use the road. When in an accident, motorcycle riders are more likely to suffer permanent or fatal injuries, which unfortunately can be financially devastating to them as well as their loves ones. While many cases can be settled early on, some can only be resolved through litigation to recover the compensation the victims are entitled to when settlement negotiations fall short. Trials in motorcycle accident cases require experienced and knowledge legal counsel. Miami motorcycle accident lawyer Robert Dixon helps those injured by a negligent party in a motorcycle accident pursue legal action. He brings a wealth of experience as a trial attorney who assists clients throughout South Florida in cases arising out of a motorcycle collision, with cases handled in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties. Contact the Law Offices of Robert Dixon today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your legal options.

Trials in Motorcycle Accident Cases

After being injured in a motorcycle accident, your first step should always be to seek immediate medical attention so that your injuries can be diagnosed properly and treated promptly. If possible, photographs should be taken at the scene of the accident and all parties and witnesses involved should exchange information, as this may be important documentation to use as evidence in the event of any trial. In accidents involving cars or trucks in Miami, the personal injury protection (PIP) benefits an insurance carrier is required to offer to policyholders would cover eighty percent of a victim’s medical expenses, regardless of who was liable for causing an accident. However, the requirement that insurance companies offer such PIP coverage only applies to drivers of vehicles with four or more wheels, and therefore, motorcyclists may not have any PIP benefits under their insurance plan, making the financial impact of an injury even more dire.

When a motorcycle accident is caused by another party’s negligent acts, victims who have suffered a “serious injury,” or families who have lost loved ones, can initiate legal action that may proceed to trial. A “serious injury” under state law refers to one resulting in a significant or permanent loss of a vital bodily function, scarring or disfigurement, or injuries whereby a victim has sustained $10,000 or more in medical expenses and lost income. At trial, the burden is on a victim, or plaintiff, to prove that a defendant was negligent. Negligence occurs where a defendant has breached his or her duty to act as a reasonable and prudent person; that breach has caused the plaintiff’s injury; and the plaintiff has incurred damages as a result. For instance, motorists may have acted negligently if they failed to yield the right of way to a motorcyclist or did not take proper precautions behind the wheel when driving near a motorcyclist, thereby causing a crash. When another party is found negligent at trial, plaintiffs may receive compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, diminished earning capacity, and sometimes pain and suffering. In fatal motorcycle accident cases, relatives may also be compensated for burial and funeral expenses.

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Although most cases arising out of a motor vehicle collision settle before a formal trial is necessary, it is still important to know your options and have a dedicated legal advocate on your side. Attorney Robert Dixon fights for his clients’ rights and is committed to seeking the financial support they are entitled to from those responsible for their loss whether in settlement negotiations or in trials in motorcycle accident cases. If you have questions regarding your legal options following an injury or loss of a loved one due to a devastating motorcycle accident, the Law Offices of Robert Dixon can help. We serve clients in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Contact us today at (877) 499-4878 or online and set up a free, no obligation consultation to learn more about our legal services.